Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Walgreens in Sunny Isles ridiculous prices

I like Walgreens, I admit. So, I got no axe to grind against the company.

One night, my wife and I were returning from dinner at a restaurant in Sunny Isles, when I remembered we had run out of cat food in the morning. It was late at night, and although there is a Walgreens near where I live, we decided to stop at the one in Sunny Isles, at Collins Avenue.

Big mistake.

You would think that Walgreens is Walgreens is Walgreens. Some price variation here and there is expected, who knows, 10 %? That sounds fair, 10 %. However, I almost had a heart attack when I found that the cat food brand I buy, which normally costs $0.65 at MY Walgreens, was being sold for a hefty $1.49 in Sunny Isles' Walgreens!

As I was there, I decided to take a couple of cans for immediate use, while noting my displeasure to the cashier.

The lady did not miss a beat. She said things were much more expensive there because of the several five-star hotels surrounding the store. My wife quite intelligently reminded here that few, if any people, bring their cats to a beach vacation. I add now, that certainly the prices are not so high because of great demand, for these Sunny Isles five-star hotels normally have a couple of rooms lit any time at night, leading me to believe they are empty.

Even the deli nearby my office, which is awfully expensive, charges $0.85 for cat food!!

I will definitely never set foot on that store again.

They can wait for the 5-star hotel patrons to buy their cat food...

Lesson of that day. Not all Walgreens is Walgreens.

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