Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Donald Duck's tomato

It is really weird how an image from childhood sticks to you.

I remember reading a comic book story, a Donald Duck story, where my favorite duck was growing tomatoes for a contest of some sort. I don't remember the end of the story - most likely Donald had some type of problem, as almost always - but all I can recall is his happiness with the large creatures.

So I can't help, to this day, whenever I see a large, plump tomato, I think of Donald Duck and smile.

This was obviously a Carl Barks drawn story. I have sought it in comic books, in fact, bought a large part of the Donald Duck reprint collection, to no avail.

My soul will not rest until I find the Donald Duck tomato story.

Then again, I might stop looking. The whole thing might sound very stupid, today, and break the magic.

Let us give Donald Duck's big tomato the rest it is due.

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