Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some suggestions

Simply warning readers about bad customer experiences is not sufficient. Every once in a while, we should give kudos were they are deserved.

Manolo's is an old eatery in Miami Beach (it also has a location in South Beach. It serves good food at good prices. The orange juice is great! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the staff is friendly. Try the Choripan, a sandwich of Argentine sausage, served with fries, for under 5 bucks! The Churrasco is good for two. Don't come looking for seafood, few options.

A new automobile museum opened in Miami. The has European and American cars, plus Hollywood cars. is a place where you can obtain certified, notarized translations of documents.  serves pasta made with organic ingredients, and it has a beat the clock menu until 5 PM.

In South Beach, also has a beat the clock menu. It is one of the few inexpensive places on Lincoln Road.

More suggestions later.

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