Friday, July 13, 2012


It is unbelievable how weak the economy is in Miami Beach, in spite of all types of good news emanating from the cheerleaders of the land.

Call this sample unscientific, but the fact is, there are so many businesses closing all over the place, it is not funny. Even restaurants, which basically do well.

Mind you, even a McDonalds closed nearby. They say it will be renovated, but it looks quite terminal to me.

Funny that people are still dreaming, and new businesses are springing about, from karate studios, to more restaurants to boutiques.

In the building where I work, the turnover in offices is tremendous. A guy next to my office beat the record, his office was open for four short months.

It is impossible to keep up with the new comings and goings, and I basically gave up. The landlord must be renting offices for peanuts now.

At any rate, business revival might be coming for some, but very few.

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