Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stop payment

The world used to be a more straight forward affair.

Today, everything seems to be a game.

Here in South Florida, you travel on a road without toll booths, or signs indicating it is a toll road, a few days later you receive a notice indicating you need to pay a $0.25 toll, but because you did not have a transponder, a fee of US$10.00 has been added! Nice, this coming from the folks who are supposed to protect us and make sure there is a level and ethical playing field.

No wonder everybody plays games.

In the not so far old days, when you needed to stop payment on a check, you paid a fee and the check would be worthless henceforth, forever.

Nowadays, without your knowing or being aware, the stop payment "service" is renewed for many years, and a small fee charged accordingly.

It happened to me, and to be fair to my bank (I know not why I am being fair to it), assuming that every other bank is playing such monkey business, I will not say who they are. They might chase me, if you know what I mean.

So I suppose I am being forced to buy a transponder and pay a sizable amount of toll money in advance, to avoid surprise tolls, and stop using checks.

That is what it seems like.

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