Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On being a realist

Writing a blog such as this, on this day and age, is a bit like journaling.  I might be the only one reading these words.

Yes, I know, blogs are posted publicly on the internet. Amidst millions, who knows, billions of other sites. A competitor I have has almost 80 individual sites, all of which say pretty much the same thing! Yes, I know, this violates google's design guidelines. In fact, he violates many others, this nasty little bugger, but no one seems to notice. So, potentially, if every person on Earth were to have 80 different sites, multiply that by 7 billion...

I know, that is silly. Poor people in Swaziland and Papua New Guinea, many of whom do not read or write, do not have sites. I am just saying... Look at Facebook. They claim 500 million users. Yet, there are so many fakes in there, that I suppose the real users are about 100 million.

Back to writing for myself.

I do not trust these pages here will launch a budding writing career. No sir. The whole notion that you can rise from nothing to somebody on the Internet, is a fable.

There are professional clickers in India, whose only work is clicking on Youtube videos. That is how a nobody can reach a viral magical number of 1 million views, most of the time! Videos are also spread illegally as SPAM. The very same people that write letters to D.A. offices complaining they got a SPAM message from a small company, spread these videos, sending the messages to their friends so on. Many of which contain hidden advertising, by the way.

The point being, those nice clickers in India make peanuts, yet, the company charges handsomely. It costs, good money is spent.

Sure, there are all types of software that does the work for free. However, sites seem to know robots, and block them. So they say. I am not sure of that.

Then supposedly there even professional clickers who charge to click on publishers pay-per-click ads, also illegally. Given that this involves money, not only free Youtube fame, things get more interesting, and supposedly this type of behavior gets punished right away. Money always seems to drive competence.

My point is, whatever the situation, unless you are extremely popular, and only very rich people are extremely popular, you had to have some money to get those millions of artificial hits on youtube. So it is always about money, one way, or another. Nobodies do not have tons of money.

Leading me to think that this is more of a psychological exercise than anything. Honing my skills? Maybe. Wasting my time? Quite possibly. But at least, getting it out of the system.

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