Friday, July 20, 2012

Facebook's ill advised suggestions

A few times, friends have reported that their Facebook profiles had been removed or suspended, allegedly because they had put some risqué photographs in their profiles. They all swear the photos were not sexy at all, so I suppose, Facebook's criteria for sexiness is rather strong.

Let me rephrase, was rather strong.

After reaching a threshold of 5000 friends, you can no longer add "friends".  FB changed what are considered friends (it seems that every LIKE I had ever put on FB became a friend overnight, and they are nowhere to be found), so I am no longer able to add people I do want to add.

However, I am able to subscribe to people.

Honestly, I do not see any reason for subscribing to unknown, uninteresting people with whom I will have no interaction. Actually, I don't see a reason to do it even with people most folks find interesting, such as celebs, artists, athletes and pols. For that, there is twitter, which I loath. For me Facebook is about interacting, and if somebody is not interested (and will not receive) my updates, I am not interested in theirs.

Call me grumpy.

Notwithstanding the fact that 80 people found "moi" to be interesting to subscribe to (wonder where they got that idea), I have yet to "subscribe" to anybody.

Which does not stop Facebook from suggesting tons of "people" for me to subscribe to.

Just for arguments` sake, I began to click on the profiles they were feeding me, to see what Facebook was suggesting I subscribe to. And I was amazed.

Most of the suggestions I am being fed are soft-porn profiles, which only obvious "raison d'etre" is titillation, barely hidden pudenda on display. In some cases, one can almost do gynecological examinations of the women portrayed. Downright nudity is rare, however, silicon-boosted tits hang about all over the place, strategically covered by an arm, and orgasmic faces are the norm. Shots of derrieres clad in skimpy thongs are all over the place. Even worse. Some of the bodacious "women" look extremely underage, so this might be very close to underage pornography.

Some of the profiles do contain suggestions to visit outside sites.

What exactly has changed? How come FB was so strict about this issue, and now, not only allows, but also promotes these profiles? Does the stock market floating have anything to do with this?

I am doing what I can, which is reporting as many of them as they are fed.

Whether anything will be done, there remains a huge question mark.

By the way, how about the no company profile regulation?

Why do I bother?

We are all equal, however, some seem more equal than others.    

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