Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little suggestion to Miami Beach authorities

New technology allows governments to increase revenue. That is fact. I am not going to discuss whether I like this or don't, this is not the point.

The point is, technology should be used properly, at the proper places.

The use of cameras to fine folks who pass through red rights is pervasive in South Florida. Who has not gotten one of them tickets in the mail yet, with the nice camera shot and all?

Well I am making a suggestion to Miami Beach that will surely fill the city's treasury with a lot of dough.

There is a red light in the corner of 71st Street and Indian Creek, Eastbound, which is totally disregarded by a large number of drivers. I walk through it twice a day, and have seen way too many people simply disregarding it, at the expense of poor pedestrians. Including elderly folks, women with babies and etc.

Why not install one of those cameras to catch these guys, rather than putting them in places where there are no pedestrians?

MB will probably make me citizen of the year, once they discover how many drivers violate that corner.

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