Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On music and celebrities, tête-à-tête

This modern world is quite something.

Facebook (and before that, Myspace, does it still exist, btw?), with all its flaws, has allowed me, and I suppose many others, to make contact with people I never dreamed of. Granted that I am not likely to be a Madonna or Lady Gaga, a super-duper star fan, I like mostly things on the fringes, if you know what I mean. Even so, even these people B-celebrity musicians, athletes, actors, are rather difficult to every meet in person.

Honestly, I have met my share of celebs personally, and I was not impressed. I would rather stay on my side of the world, let them where they are, thank you very much. They have egos, some of them are downright aloof, others just plain nasty, while a very few of them I could see really befriending.

The computer screen is, however, a screen in more ways than one. Sure, it is where we see stuff, but it also screens in the sense that it creates a degree of separation between people. The connectivity is there, but even with digital cameras and whatnot, it is not a physical reality. This affords celebs a degree of safety, a safe zone. We don't get close enough to see the aloofness, the ego, nastiness, etc.

Well, having said that, I befriended quite a lot of my heroes on the Internet, most of whom are still unknown to the major public. As I am not here too name drop or embarrass anybody, moi included, so I will not mention names. Maybe you are a fan too. Small world, isn't it.

I am not much a music consumer anymore. A musician myself, sometimes I am reminded of a Pete Townsend song, I believe called "Too much", where he says "I think I heard too many songs", or something to that effect. Most extremely contemporary music leaves me cold. Actually, if I can sit down on the piano and easily play it, I got no use for it. Give me old Yes and ELP! So I spend my money elsewhere.

One of my FB "friends" is a singer whose work I enjoyed immensely in the 90s. In fact I still do. However, her two last albums were not very good.

And she just released another one.

So, every day she is putting news about her new album, I guess, she wants me, and her other FB buddies, to dish out a few bucks and buy the tracks.

I can be sincere with you, perhaps not with her. I am not about to do it. For some reason, 1 dollar to me has assumed  a relevance I did not ascribe to it 20 years ago.

I will keep dodging her postings, what is a man to do?

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