Saturday, July 14, 2012

I won a lawsuit against Google

Before you write me a comment explaining how times have been tough for your lately, the recession, unemployment, to convince me to donate a few million to the Obama or Romney campaigns, or requiring funds for some endangered species protection scheme read on.

I won something less than 6 bucks.

I am not frustrated at all, because I did not even know I had sued google. Insofar as I was concerned, our relationship was OK. However, our laws allow some law firm somewhere to file suit on my behalf, and I am not even being told by anybody what I am being protected from.

This is not the first, or last time I get one of these. Got these from phone, credit card companies, etc., etc., etc.

I am supposed to believe that this serves a grander purpose of keeping huge companies in check. They must have done something that made me lose money, and need punishment! Years ago, phone companies use to insert in their bills all types of bogus fees, some with the official word "federal" attached to it. Good ole` class action attorneys came to my rescue, to your rescue, and to my recollection, I got something like 30 bucks. On the top of my head, I must have paid a few thousand in bogus fees during the course of the years, but got a mere 30 dollars in "restitution".

The company vigilante role would be OK, except that such attorneys, who represent me, and whom I did not hire, take home a few million for their work in "settling" these cases.

So at this point, I wish there was a class action attorney to take on the class action attorneys out there, for companies continue to get away with all types of shenanigans and the barristers getting rich at my expense.  

And guess who pays the bill one way or the other - you, the consumers.

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