Monday, August 6, 2012

Reckless driving

It kinda occurs to me that the one most dangerous thing one does in traffic, which is reckless driving, does not get punished enough.

It does not take much to find reckless driving. Go to I95 in South Florida, any time of the day, and you realize that a lot of people are using their vehicles as weapons. They should have their licenses revoked, some should go to a mental institution, or get locked up for good!

I understand that it is easier to fine people crossing red lights, blocking intersections, or overstaying in a parking space one minute. Or doing 36 mph in a 35 mph zone! It is easier and safer.

If you bother to read Census bureau statistics, you find a curious fact. A lot of law enforcement deaths are not caused from shootings, as people normally think, but rather, traffic deaths. The death of a human being at work is tragic, no matter what.

So, I suppose that trying to keep up with a motorcycle cutting across traffic at 120 mph, or  chasing a heavy SUV driven by a crazed Jeff Gordon-wannabe is not good for the health of any p.o..

On the other hand, there is so much technology taking pictures at quiet corners, transponders collecting toll, video cameras, and helicopters galore, it does not seem to me so difficult to devise means to get some of these folks out of the highways.

I do not know if statistics bear what I will say, but I bet you that reckless driving even beats drunk driving as the number 1 source of traffic deaths. The cost in hospital stays, deaths, loss of work days, etc., is staggering.

Maybe some day, emphasis will be placed on the difficult. 

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