Saturday, August 4, 2012

Popularity and revelance not the same thing

Says who?

Well, it seems that search engines (and the internet in general) mix up both concepts.

Let us say you are looking for information on a term, phrase, that happens to be the title of a song. Forget it. You might find the information you want in the 395th result of your search, the first 394 dominated by the song, which, sometimes, was not even a huge success.

I have got nothing against music, I love it. However, the relevance we place in it, within the context of society, is astounding. Especially because tons of lyrics have no social, poetic, historical, philosophical, esthetic, political relevance whatsoever.

Funny that the engines do tweak results, when the term has a wikipedia entry. Don't tell me this is all done by algorithms, I do not believe so. Likewise, the song lyric results could be pushed a bit further down the list. After all, if you want the lyrics to a song, you normally write lyrics after it. I do.

Thus, we are left to live life to a soundtrack, often not knowing the meaning of what we are singing.

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