Monday, August 6, 2012

Punished for success by Facebook

One is supposed to be rewarded for success.

When there is money involved, such might be the case. When there isn't, you get punished.

Anybody who had close to the 5000 Facebook friends had a surprise a few days ago. Suddenly, the number of friends of increased by a few hundred.

It took me a while to figure out this sudden increase in popularity.

It seems that FB has done us the favor of including in our list of friends people who had closed their profiles, a few quite a long time ago. These were revived as friends, although they don't even exist in FB anymore, at least not in the guise of the former profile.

That would not be so troublesome, except that I cannot add people I want to add anymore, until I remove these five hundred deceased profile friends.

Additionally, doing it in timeline involves a lot of work. After one month, I think I managed to remove about 60. You have to go through the whole list, and find the closed profiles.

I suppose a lot of latte can do this to you.

So much for details.

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