Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook, the new twitter, a whole lotta sex and celebrities

I do not hide my dislike for twitter. To me, it is the greatest waste of time EVER. Sure, there might be some good uses for certain businesses. By and large, though, it is full of celebrities, or celebrity wannabes, offering little or no content of real interest to humanity.

A lot of titillation, sexual innuendo, waste of grey matter. No real interaction is offered. And people are deceived into thinking that most celebrities are actually posting things, when it is really PR people. What a waste!

The problem is that Facebook is becoming the same.

A few years ago, before twitter began to be promoted as the "next" internet thing, Facebook was a place where there was true interaction among real people.

The problem is that now it is cluttered by a celebrities galore, some true, others fake. Plus the hundreds of thousand (millions?) sexy profiles that were supposedly prohibited, but spring about all over.

People are so silly. They believe that the celebrities are really posting things, when in most cases, it is PR people. Silly, silly, naive people! Celebs are out having a ball with the money you give them, not interested in what you think about their supposed latest action!

When a celebrity "writes" an update in Facebook, immediately, dozens if not hundreds of likes, comments and shares ensue.

If you are a nobody, forget it, unless you put a silly picture, a baby, animal or sexy woman photo, you get no feedback.

Thus, celebrities have by their sheer volume, destroyed another good Internet platform.

It may be time for me to just walk away from the thing.

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