Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aroma in Sunny Isles, 163rd Street anything but

Sure, Aroma does look cool. It is spacious, well lit, looks comfortable.

However, if there has ever been a misnomer for a restaurant, there you have it. Calling Aroma by that name is like calling McDonalds Nofat!

Nothing in Aroma is aromatic. Not even the coffee really has a strong aroma. The food is basically very forgetful. Sure the salads are very healthy, but they are tasteless - and without aroma.

I am not being unreasonable. I have given the place a few shots, for I have so friends who insist that is an "in" spot. I suppose it is "in" if you don't like food.
The least they could do is offer a variety of sauces, to see whether the salads can be slightly turbo charged.

The whole thing seems very pretentious. I reckon it might be a good place to flirt, but since I have not done that in a few decades, it is not for me. Actually, a lot of women and men who frequent the place seem to go there to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend. if you catch my drift.

The free small chocolates they give are OK. By and large the only OK thing in the place.

I have not tried the soups, people say they are OK. Somebody says it is over seasoned.

Thus, if you like food, avoid this place at all costs. Spend your money wisely elsewhere.

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