Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not complaining, Miami Beach parking woes

I like living here. Sure people are not extremely professional, things take a long time to get done. Some say it is the smell of the ocean, others the heat, Southern living. Whatever, residing in Miami Beach is basically a nice experience. But for parking.

There seems to be a nasty parking related surprise all the time.

The old style meters, which by the way, never really matched the speed of my watches, have basically been replaced by solar powered ticket dispensing machines. Nice, new technology, solar and all that. Except that sometimes you have to try as many as five of them to get a ticket, because they emulate the working habits of many folks around this town. They don't like to work.

Then, the parking lot at Collins between 72 and 73rd, which every once in a while gets very busy on Sundays, now has tons of designated valet only parking spaces. Most of which seem to be empty.

Sure, it might be a good deal to get paid an ~x~ amount by a valet parking operator, who, if lucky, might a 5-fold return on any given day, charging clients much more than the 1 buck an hour deal provided by the city lot.

For the life of me, though, I don`t see any place around 72, 73 that might require valet parking. I have looked, and have not found it. Is it underground?

Thus, it seems to be just another parking related nuisance.

I am seriously thinking about walking to the beach...  

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