Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Barnes and Noble, naughty naughty

A couple of years ago, I went to buy something at BN. When I went to pay for it, the cashier had extremely bad  breath, and began to tell me about their reward program. Enrollment was not free, though, it was US$25.00 a year.

I suppose to get rid of the smell that seemed to be entering the depths of my soul, I agreed, although my experience with most such programs is not the best.

I used the card the first year, and got some discount. Not enough to justify paying 25 bucks, but I got it.

I buy lots of books, but normally when I travel overseas. Some of them are highly specialized books that I buy on the internet, not from BN.

I kinda forgot about it, until I found  one year later, that US$25 had been subtracted from my account for renewal without notice. And once renewed, no refund would be given.

Then I promised myself I would cancel the thing this year, for again, I did not enjoy the promised myriad benefits of membership.

I got an email from BN, saying that renewal was up, and again, I would be charged. I reckon a few people complained about the absence of notice, so they sent the email. I immediately went on the site provided, looking for ways to cancel the thing. There were all types of links, except for cancellation. The email did not have an opt-out of program link.

I was very frustrated, put this in the back of my mind, saying to myself I would do it, one way or another.

Then, I was charged again for one more year of wonderful "membership". Yes, US$75 thrown down the drain.

I suppose there should be a law prohibiting automatic renewals of such things.Companies apparently prey on people, such as me, who are very busy, and adding insult to injury, do not provide proper facilities for cancellation of membership in these "wonderful" programs we cannot live without.

So unless there was link on the site, which I did not see, a big shame on you, Barnes & Noble.

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