Friday, September 28, 2012

Area Code 55 Churrascaria

Brazilian style churrascarias have become quite famous in the USA as of late, basically due to the success of the Fogo do Chao and Texas de Brazil chains. A few other restaurants of the type have appeared all over the country, in cities where probably no Brazilian individual has ever set foot.

I suppose they are filling up with non-Brazilians as well. Americans love them churrascarias.

The only problem is that although they are "All you can eat" affairs, Churrascarias have become awfully expensive for what they are. 50 bucks a pop to eat beef dressed only by kosher salt seems a tad out of the realm of reasonableness.

Sure, they have wonderful salad bars (most of them do, anyway), and some even offer sushi. However, if you eat too much from the salad bar, there goes the room for the beef. And you end up paying 50 bucks to eat salad!!!

There are people that can put away huge quantities of food, of course. That is why here in the good ole USA we have the largest number of fat people on the world. Really obese. Pros!

If you do not put away industrial loads of food normally, you end up over-eating at the the churrascaria, to compensate the huge tab, and if the meal has taken place at night, you will definitely need about 10 omeprazoles. Or sleep sitting down.

If you have a couple of drinks, a dessert, and coffee, the bill can easily border 100 bucks a head, after taxes, tips and whatever.

I am not an attorney, doctor, entertainer, CEO or professional athlete, so I basically cannot afford dinners at  Fogo do Chao and Texas de Brazil anymore.

Area Code 55 actually offers a good option, which is reasonably priced meals for about 20 bucks for lunch, including on Saturdays until 4 PM. The old owners ran the house down, at one point serving copious amounts of bread on skewer, instead of  meat, but Area Code 55's owners have restored the place.

I still find Brazilian churrasco better than the Argentine, multiple cut all you can eat equivalent like The Knife (the one at Bayside is terrible), and of you take the day time offer, much less expensive. Plus, you will be able to sleep at night, without the 10 omeprazoles.

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