Friday, September 21, 2012

Unreliability of internet tools

It is a bit frustrating that internet tools, which purport to be reliable, robot, real time driven, are so flawed.

Take Alexa, for instance, which ranks sites according to popularity. The information there is basically all bogus. Either that, or it gets updated every six months. Which makes one wonder about the efficacy of such a tool, given the internet world is supposed to be ever changing.

One thing is for sure. People believe Facebook is such a wonderful place to make blogs and such popular. This is also bogus. I have over the limit of 5000 friends in FB, and whenever I post a new blog entry, I might get 2 or 3 visits, tops!

Plus, links in Facebook do not do anything at all for one's google ranking. The system is closed, so whatever you get from there, that is it.

There is so much baloney going on the internet (and it has been so since day one), that it gets disheartening sometimes.

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