Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Street owners

The streets are supposed to be public places, and the rules should apply to everybody.

Yet, here in Miami Beach, it seems some people think they own the street.

Owning a business, no matter how big it is, should not entitle one to privileges. Any type of regulation concerning public areas should look after the public good. Yet, some people think because they own a street level business in Miami Beach, that entitles them to special favors.

Worse yet, they seem to get the special favors!

A few business owners simply park their cars in front of their establishments for hours on end, in spite of yellow lines, and clear signs indicating LOADING ZONE, TOW AWAY ZONE.

The repetition of the misdeed is outrageous, for this is often done all the time, day after day.

LOADING ZONES do not belong to the business owner, and should not be used for parking of any type. That much is clear to me.

The arrogance is such that some of these business owners go as far as parking their cars with logos splashed all over, sure of impunity.

Adding insult to injury, MB PARKING ENFORCEMENT, which is always so eager to dispense tickets in public parking, a few minutes after expiration of meters, or calling TREMONT or BEACH TOWING to tow vehicles that are in clear (or unclear) violation of parking rules, does take this type of LOADING ZONE violation very lightly. Extremely lightly.

Food for thought.

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