Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Place - not to be

I should have known better - I have lived in Miami Beach for a while.

I wanted to eat a burger, so did my wife. We decided to go to Ocean Drive, name to News Cafe, where we have enjoyed quite a few meals.

On the way, I saw a burger that looked very nice, at a place called - you guessed it - The Place. At 720 Ocean Drive.

The rest of the food looked wonderful, but I really wanted a burger, so did my wife. The price was 13 bucks and change. I ordered a lemonade and she ordered a diet coke.

The food was good. Good ingredients, nicely cooked, good presentation etc.

The big surprise was the bill. The drinks - served a single time, with no alcohol, cost a whopping US$12.00!. Yes, you read it, 12 freaking bucks for what amounts to sweetened water!

I suppose that if The Place,  at 720 Ocean Drive, needs a slogan it should be


First and last time I go there.

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