Friday, December 13, 2013

Translations for US$30 a page, I don't think so

Here is the scoop.

The other day, I got thinking about ways of saving money. Every once in a while, I am faced with the requirement of obtaining certified translations of documents. I normally use this company, however, I got the notion they are a tad expensive. So I googled.

Then I found quite a few companies that charge only US$30.00 per page, and I was in heaven! I could save a bundle from now on.

So I contact one the companies that had an Ad stating "translations for US$30.00 a page". I said that I had a power of attorney with about 600 words, one page, and wanted confirmation it cost only US$30.00 a page.

Much to my disgust, this is the response I got:

Hi Joans:

The price of $30.00 is for Certificates and similar documents, of no more than 250 words.
Legal documents are charged by word at $0.12 a word. If your Power of Attorney is 600 words long, then the price is $72.00.
You can send me the document for a no obligation free quote to see what best price I can give you.


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Guess what? The company I have been using charges only US$60.00 for this document, so they are US$12.00 less expensive! So the "tranlaguage" ad is not really telling the whole truth, and I am surprised google is running it, for I know they have strict advertising policies that prohibit this very type of thing!

Then I google further, and found out this is common practice. Other companies go as far as charging US$10.00 to issue a document in paper!!!

If an ad says the cost is US$30.00 a page, it should be US$ 30.00 page, irrespective of how many words there are on the page. I felt a little betrayed in my trust, and of course, would never use this company.